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Digital Marketing + Strategy

We can help you expand your business reach with Search and Display advertising. Our team of recognized, seasoned marketers knows the ins and outs of online advertising and can develop a unique marketing strategy for your specific business needs and budget.

Dreiden provides SEM and Online Marketing management support for operations of any size, through a variety of display and search advertising networks, such as Google Search, YouTube, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or even 2nd or 3rd tier networks.

We believe in total transparency with our clients. This means that there are no surprises along the way, such as hidden fees, and you are always in control of your marketing budgets. We offer real-time performance and conversion reporting , as well as web-analytics and user behavior intelligence.

As a Certified Google Partner, we are recognized world-wide as an online marketing company with expertise in Google’s advertising products.
We hold Google certifications in Advanced Display Advertising, Advanced Search, Advanced Video Ads and Analytics, along with being Accredited Bing Ads Certified Professionals.

Re-engage your audience with a Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing helps you reach people who have visited your website or used your app. Previous visitors or users can see your ads as they browse websites that are part of the Google Display Network, Facebook, as they search for terms related to your products or services on Google and many other advertising networks. With fixed messages or dynamic creative tailored specifically for your audience, we help you build leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back to your site to complete what they started.

How it works


Step 1
A user visits your website and may or may not complete an action.


Step 2
Google places a “cookie” in this user’s browser to show they visited your website.


Step 3
The user leaves your website and navigates through other websites on the Google Display Network.


Step 4
The “cookie” triggers your ad to show on the Google Display Network websites.

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